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“I am passionate about helping teams achieve their highest potential and reach their specific goals.
My experience comes from two completely different industries – The manufacturing industry and gaming industry. Therefore I am trained in Lean manufacturing, six sigma, agile and safe methodologies.
The reason why I chose coaching as my main methodology is because it empowers the person and team to find their own way to accomplish their goals. It is a methodology that can tackle any topic, and it is about making the most of people´s capabilities and potential to its fullest.
Coaching can definitely increase and improve the retention of your employees because it is a personalised service that will lead the team to feel fully empowered, creating a feeling of belonging, and as a result, it will bring full cohesion among the members of your team.
A team that feels empowered, valued and listened to, has more potential of being retained by the company.”
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The typical team coaching session, dependant on your company goal, would include:

1. Asking powerful questions
2. Identify challenges/blockers/ limitations
3. Facilitate team brainstorming and debates
4. Share different tools that would enable the team to achieve their goal faster
5. Capture key outcomes of each session and help the team to create an action plan.

This combination of activities naturally lead the team to achieve cohesion and more transparency between them, potentially leading to achieving higher performance and staff retention.