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Hiring the right talent is crucial to the success of any organisation. However, sourcing and recruiting top talent can be a time-consuming and challenging process. Companies often struggle with finding qualified candidates, screening and assessing them, and ensuring a good cultural fit. This is where professional recruiters come in.

Professional recruiters specialise in sourcing and recruiting candidates for various positions across different industries. They have an extensive network of candidates, expertise in assessing skills and experience, and knowledge of the latest recruitment trends and strategies. In this article, we will explore why companies should use professional recruiters for their hiring needs.

Time Is Money

Many companies track how long it takes them to recruit a new person to join their team but tend to ignore how much it costs in terms of lost time and productively. It is important to consider how much management time is used up during the recruitment process, writing job adverts, advertising, reviewing CVs, screening, interviewing and making job offers. All of these activities end up using important time that you and your team/managers need to do their own jobs effectively, and tasks are potentially being left or piling up. Also, a high percentage of candidates reject a job offer, so it is often the case that you repeat this process again to find the right candidate, and during that time you have no one doing the job that you need to fill – even more lost productivity.

By engaging a professional recruiter, companies can avoid the biggest costly recruitment mistake, a bad hire. A bad hire can cost a company thousands of pounds in lost productivity, training, and severance. Professional recruiters have a higher success rate for lasting placements, and generally offer a rebate scheme just in case a placement is unsuccessful.

Access to a Wider Pool of Candidates

One of the biggest advantages of using professional recruiters is access to a wider pool of candidates. Recruiters have a broad network of candidates in different industries, including passive candidates who are not actively looking for a job. They also have access to job boards, social media, and other recruitment channels that companies may not have.

For instance, a mid-sized technology firm, ABC Corporation, had a vacancy for a senior software engineer but was unable to find a suitable candidate. After engaging a professional recruiter, they were able to tap into a wider pool of candidates and find the right candidate for the job in a shorter amount of time.

Expertise in Assessing Skills and Experience

Professional recruiters have expertise in assessing skills and experience. They can screen candidates and conduct preliminary interviews to ensure they have the necessary qualifications for the job. Recruiters can also assess a candidate’s cultural fit within the organisation and their potential for growth and development.

By engaging a professional recruiter, companies can ensure that they are hiring the right talent for the job. Recruiters can help identify candidates who have the right skills and experience and can add value to the organisation.


Professional recruiters can add significant value to a company’s recruitment process. They have access to a wider pool of candidates, expertise in assessing skills and experience, and can save companies time and resources. Companies are strongly advised to consider engaging a professional recruiter for their job vacancies to ensure that they are hiring the most suitable candidates. If you would like to call, email or meet face to face for an informal chat about how Purple Chilli Recruitment can help your business, please get in touch!