July 5, 2021
Gibraltar, Gibraltar
Job Type


The Role:

The Administration & Operations Manager is a management role responsible for the overall efficient and effective management of Vicky’s Natural Kitchen administration and its overarching general operations including financial and human resource management, program and event operations, general administration, office management, and customer service.

The Administration & Operations Manager’s role in Vicky’s Natural kitchen is to ensure the effective flow of information within the office; manage finance and budgets and deliver financial information and statements for reporting purposes to the accountant; manage customer service to achieve a high level of customer satisfaction.

Duties & Responsibilities:

Financial Management:

• Assist accountant for any short, medium and long-term financial management processes, encourage long-term financial stability and growth, maximise cost efficiencies, and ensure strict adherence to financial systems and internal controls.
• Manage bookkeeping on Xero accounting program ensuring that all transactions are entered appropriately and in a timely manner, including invoicing and payments, reconciliation of creditors and debtors.
• Assist Executive director and accountant for processing all timesheets for payroll.

Human Resources:

• Manage administration and maintaining all human resource records relating to the employment of staff, including employment contracts, staff induction, assisting accountant and executive director with timesheets for payroll, payments, leave and/or time-off-in-lieu accrual, computer and email accounts, security and key registry and ensure that all such matters are managed in the strictest confidence.
• Maintain all management procedures in accordance with company policies and in accordance with industry best practice.

Staff Management:

• Assist Executive Director with operations staff in preparing and documenting activity/event delivery timelines.
• Support Executive Director and Sous chef on managing and supervising staff in order to ensure that schedules are met and that plans, and budgets are achieved efficiently.

General Administration:

• Assist Executive director on event calendar, in collaboration with the Executive Director and Marketing
• Be the primary point of contact in the office including answering and responding to general enquiries by telephone, email and post, and greeting visitors to the office
• Follow up any issue in liaison with Sous Chef and Executive Director informing them as quickly as possible.
• Ensure all office equipment (computers, telephones, printer/photocopier) is maintained in good working order ensuring weekly back-up procedures for record/data systems.
• Update any required license as well as any yearly vehicle certificate making sure they are up to date to ensure operations and events will be performed correctly.
• Ensure all office, kitchen and cleaning supplies are provided and refreshed as needed.


• All duties must be carried out with due regard to confidentiality.
• Work collaboratively with all staff members and work to ensure open and clear communication is maintained across the company.
• Monitor diaries and organising meetings and appointments in accordance with Executive Director.
• Attend and contribute to Senior Management Team meetings, as well as human resource management policies and strategies, organisational development.
• Maintain all administrative, operations and finance-related records, filing and archival systems and contact databases.
• Update and assist accordingly company website, Mailchimp and subscriber services in a monthly basis.
• Undertake any other tasks as reasonably requested by the Executive Director.

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